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People profiled on this site are listed alphabetically in my attempt to be egalitarian.* I’ve divided them into five broad churches: (1) writers (2), poets (3), philosophers (4), psychologists and (5), political figures.

01. — Poets 02. — Writers
03. — Philosophers 04. — Psychologists

05. — Political figures

My Poetry

You’ll find my stuff here: Bidoonism’s Poetry

An example or two:

06. “Tango for one”

When rift did cleave our deep intimacy
I kept my fears at bay determinedly
I felt time would heal us gradually
I let it tick and tock digitally.
Then, hours became days & my fears flared
My moody baby’s rendered me blacklisted
My lady lovely, has rendered me blocked
My body became tense and tormented.
Then, the fears did grow to be fully fledged
The flight’s so stark and highly escalated
The plight’s pure torture, I lie paralysed
The light’s very low, it’s almost faded.
But to concede defeat I cannot do;
For you’re my 💖 and thus I must pursue.

07. “Three by Three”

U 2 me
Really R
p.s. “(3+3)&(3*3)”

08. “On You”

I run now with my youngest son
For fun him, for me, to get numb
I run to escape from my brain
God knows the futile endless strain
Herculean I’ll be ’til slain
There’s lung n rib pain all in vain.
I yearn in the depths of turmoil
For being without you is hell
I yearn for you to want me still
God knows I’ll strain my every will
Herculean I’ll be until,
The final act brings a standstill.
I do beg you long to respond
For you to only acknowledge
I am begging you to react
God knows I desire your counter
Herculean ’til your return
The pain is mine for your answer.
I crave more than life a reply
For you the stars, just to comply
I felt guilt for what I here imply
God knows I want this thing simply
Herculean? Weeping deeply
There’s ache waiting for your reply.
For all this adversity
Only the moon
Relies on

09. “Verse IX”

There’s a thing more than sex
It’s nothing too complex
It’s at nature’s apex
It’s a natural reflex
It’s nothing to perplex
It’s love: love’s above sex


Book reviews are a form of literary criticism.* The books I review are those I read and/or hear are seminal. Reading, some say is, the best thing about being a human.

01. — Fiction 02. — Non-fiction

My book

The art of the process (procrastination // progress) can be monitored and tracked here: “Penitence”

Therapy, therapy of the baser kind.
Therapy, therapy of the baser kind.

Like, say, Jackal & Hyde or Bonnie & Clyde.
Like, say, Jackal & Hyde or Bonnie & Clyde.
Epigraph // Carpe Noctem.
Carpe Noctem.


The English language
“Elizabethan era” / “Love letters”
Anthology / Chronology / Terminology
Glossary of works, writers & literary devices:
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How to analyse poetry & prose
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* Book reviews defined
Book reviews can be of various modes and various lengths (from a single paragraph to a substantial essay). Short-form are those in which a book is merely described (also know as a ‘summary review’). Long-form are those in which a book is analysed based on content, style, and merit etc. A book review may be an opinion piece or scholarly review; it is a descriptive and critical/evaluative account and provides a summary of the content, assesses the value of the book (and will often recommend it (or not) to other potential readers). On the other hand, a book report is an attempt to write an objective summary of the main ideas and arguments that a given book’s author has set out.

* Egalitarian
From the French ‘égal’ (égal = ‘equal’)
[01.] Adjective — Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. — “A fairer, more egalitarian society.” [02.] Noun — A person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people irrespective of class, ethnicity or gender &c. — “Jameela is a social and political egalitarian.” [03.] Political philosophy {“Egalitarianism”} — A school of thought within political philosophy that prioritises equality for all people. Egalitarian doctrines are generally characterised by the idea that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or moral status