Poetry & Prose

Please allow me to introduce myself…

§ ‒ Prose
§ ‒ Poetry
§ ‒ Book reviews
§ ‒ Literary terms
§ ‒ Phrases & Idioms

Poetry | Latin | poetria | “writing that’s made intense by using distinctive style and rhythm”

Prose | Latin | prosa oratio | “writing that’s in ordinary form; i.e., not academic or legal etc.”

This section has four parts (a quartet?) which aim to achieve the following. Part one provides posts on the subject of prose, part two concerns itself with poetry, part three covers books, book reviews and book art and lastly, part four provides a full guide to all of the terms and linguistic expressions — literary terms — a student of English literature will ever need to know.


Well, Narratively I guess. Genres include:

Crime & Punishment

Sex & Relationships