Political Figures

Politics &c.  General synopsis

The political movers and shakers profiled on this site are listed alphabetically in my attempt to be egalitarian.*


* Egalitarian
From the French ‘égal’ (égal = ‘equal’)
[01.] Adjective — Believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. — “A fairer, more egalitarian society.” [02.] Noun — A person who advocates or supports the principle of equality for all people irrespective of class, ethnicity or gender &c. — “Jameela is a social and political egalitarian.” [03.] Political philosophy {“Egalitarianism”} — A school of thought within political philosophy that prioritises equality for all people. Egalitarian doctrines are generally characterised by the idea that all humans are equal in fundamental worth or moral status

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