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For you, for you are “Everything.”

000. “& Then Came Light”

In the dead of a feverish night
He’s opposite me, sat bolt upright
My legs and lips drift slowly apart
The power of lust makes this a must
I close in and flick off the desk light
Side by side, we prepare for the fight
He’s white like a virgin’s bridal gown
Rays of blinding light do still shine down
The Son will consume Venus adown
Solar storms flair; I refuse to comedown
The sun breeds life… am I all alone?
Circumstance & sun have left me brown
Angel dust white, he’s just like cocaine
I go down to make him rise again
On my knees between his, it’s sublime
My tongue will endlessly entertain
Let me lick below, I’ll lay supine
This is the drug that relieves my brain
The moon gives us solace and nightglow
In it, poets pine and wine does flow
Must this munificence be hallow?
This lunarscape, despite our harrow?
Paradise lost, we’re nowt but shadow?
Lit by it, I bite on my pillow
Like heroin, you touch me down there
Shoot me up into the stratosphere
Hands to clasp what did the silk brassiere
Flip me over and lick everywhere
Deal harshly with my soft derrière
Be animalistic with no care
Eve oscillates as the knights draw in
Milk & Honey will put out this drought
Pull my hair as you push it all in
This is heaven; I have not one doubt
Hold me tightly and push it deep in
I want more, I want to pass right out.

001. “Verse I”

We were oh so cute
Hand in hand over the moon
Now I‘m destitute.

002. “Verse II”

We were on cloud nine
Together in harmony
Now alone I pine.

003. “Verse III”

Janus faced, no not her
A truly open book, this is her
Woeful, no that ain’t her
A positive person, this is her
Horrible, no not her
Enabler of happiness, that’s her
Right now, I’m wanting her.

004. “Pencils & Paper”

My friend, my pen,
I hold you now;
do some writing…
Make her say wow!

005. “Being and Nothingness”

My reason for Being is you
& it’s Nothingness without you.

006. “Tango for one”

When rift did cleave our deep intimacy
I kept my fears at bay determinedly
I felt time would heal us gradually
I let it tick and tock digitally.
Then, hours became days & my fears flared
My moody baby’s rendered me blacklisted
My lady lovely, has rendered me blocked
My body became tense and tormented.
Then, the fears did grow to be fully fledged
The flight’s so stark and highly escalated
The plight’s pure torture, I lie paralysed
The light’s very low, it’s almost faded.
But to concede defeat I cannot do;
For you’re my 💖 and thus I must pursue.

007. “Three by Three”

U 2 me
Really R

p.s. “(3+3)&(3*3)”

08. “On You”

I run now with my youngest son
For fun him, for me, to get numb
I run to escape from my brain
God knows the futile endless strain
Herculean I’ll be ’til slain
There’s lung n rib pain all in vain.
I yearn in the depths of turmoil
For being without you is hell
I yearn for you to want me still
God knows I’ll strain my every will
Herculean I’ll be until,
The final act brings a standstill.
I do beg you long to respond
For you to only acknowledge
I am begging you to react
God knows I desire your counter
Herculean ’til your return
The pain is mine for your answer.
I crave more than life a reply
For you the stars, just to comply
I felt guilt for what I here imply
God knows I want this thing simply
Herculean? Weeping deeply
There’s ache waiting for your reply.
For all this adversity
Only the moon
Relies on

009. “Verse IX”

There’s a thing more than sex
It’s nothing too complex
It’s at nature’s apex
It’s a natural reflex
It’s nothing to perplex
It’s love: love’s above sex

010. “Verse X”

There was once deep zest
There was once deep lust
There was then our split
Then lust turned to dust
Then zest turned to rust
1. Undue cruelty
2. Unfair language
3. Unkind behaviour
4. Uncalled for guilt trips
5. Unappreciated (sic – it’s ‘six’)

011. “SORRY”

More than words can express
More than ever ever before

I so sincerely apologise
I do so regret my wrongs

To think that our past times are now dark in your mind cuts me into 1,001 pieces —
Heaven became Hell
Paradise turned to Purgatory
Luscious Light > Moonless Night.

012. “Tempest”

(1) I’ve been trapped for days
(2) Summer heat does blaze
(3) I’m enrapt by her gaze
(4) I’m in a deep daze
(5) I’m into her ways
(6) I love all she says


Tied to an Oak and Ghaf rack I abear,
whenever weren’t love a thing to revere?
It’s the heart of every sordid affair;
was mine dashed by the whim of an Emir?
We’d heaven ’til reality’s ensnare,
there’s no fate worse than this heartfelt despair.
Lost love lacerates, I hereby declare;
you’re the sand’s one jewel, this I’ll not forswear.
Stretched to the edge of reason I clamour,
my heart begs you to hear its enamour.
My words aren’t read yet I shall enedevour,
for with lost love I’ve just them and velour.
Damn these feeble rhyming lines, I’m too blue;
I dream of your neck and love-biting you.

014. “Verse XIV”

In this hour I feel you like never before
As you lay there imprisoned in a state of isolation, I lay here restless in the straight jacket of my making.
I see the naïveté of a youth transcend to the reason of an adulthood. Along has come a first dose of morbid fear: a realisation that this is life and no, no it’s not going to unfurl and happen but that it is, it is unraveling and happening.
In this hour I need you like never before.

015. “Come On Gaius”

I love beginnings
Love! “So strong!” It is though
Oh how much I know this
Venus to Uranus
Exploded with a kiss
I hate though endings
Hate! “Too strong!” Not at all
All conspires against us
The mean and religious
Everything does curse us.

016. “*Listen* To Me”

I begun the day in a wistful way—
Your loquaciousness
is so very precious
Ur mind’s delicious
– – – – – – – – –
Despite all this adversity
this ever so harsh reality
& De Profundis’ centrality
– – – – – – – –
You dominate my mind totally
Visions of you so consume me
My constant motif is but you

—but t’was fleeting and soon faded away
. . . . . . .
So listen to me now and do not say,
or utter, a single ‘fucking’ word.
I’ll speak from where they say,
reason does not dare descend.
. . . . . .
Oh for the hands they are a telling,
they are tolling for last orders.
Ignore this play with wording,
it’s just sum wit rejoinders.
. . . . .
Because you do know me and I so know you,
let’s send to hell this thing called reason.
Let all caution be exiled to Timbuktu,
sense!? Let it sing to the horizon.
. . . .
Hear the heart drown out the head,
let reason go, let it sail to a vortex,
Quick to silver, subside to sand,
let it quarry a swirl of Semtex:
. . .
East lays laden with forbidden fruits of Eden;
Shades of purple, orange ‘n’ London-grey;
The road must now be undertaken for
Xanadu opens with a vision of jay.
. .
I know but one deep immutable truth,
you r my singular fountain of youth
send me by strive, your kiss of life.

— § —

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War and Peace
The Trial, by Franz Kafka (1914 [1925]) -- A terrifying psychological trip into the life of one Joseph K., an ordinary man who wakes up one day to find himself accused of a crime he did not commit, a crime whose nature is never revealed to him. Once arrested, he is released, but must report to court on a regular basis--an event that proves maddening, as nothing is ever resolved. As he grows more uncertain of his fate, his personal life--including work at a bank and his relations with his landlady and a young woman who lives next door--becomes increasingly unpredictable. As K. tries to gain control, he succeeds only in accelerating his own excruciating downward spiral.
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Beloved is a 1987 novel by the late American writer Toni Morrison. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1988 and, in a survey of writers and literary critics compiled by The New York Times, it was ranked the best work of American fiction from 1981 to 2006. The work, set after the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865, was inspired by the life of Margaret Garner, an African American who escaped slavery by crossing the Ohio River to Ohio, a free state. Garner was subsequently captured and decided to kill her infant daughter rather than have her taken into slavery.
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The Prophet is a book of 26 prose poetry fables written in English by the Lebanese-American poet and writer Kahlil Gibran. The Prophet has been translated into over 100 different languages, making it one of the most translated books in history. Moreover, it has never been out of print.The Prophet
“If you love somebody, let them go, if they don’t return, they were never yours.”
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