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Pompeii: Casa dei Vettii
“A painting on a Pompeii wall”
by my writing’s on the rocks; i mean to say, gone to the dastardly dogs.
Wanna grow up to be
Be a debaser

Souls on the Banks of the Acheron (depicting Hermes in the underworld) by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl (1898).
“Souls on the Banks of the Acheron”
by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl (1898).

The painting, “Souls on the Banks of the Acheron,” depicts Hermes in the underworld. Take a close look at the young boy, Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl really depicts the relinquishment of hope in that poor lad’s expression.

…to heaven

Ham Star ⭐️
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