J & I || I & J

it is meant to be.

The British Library
It’s open daily, entry’s free, they’ve clean bathrooms and drinking water’s complimentary; the reading rooms and bays have comfortable chairs, are warm and are flooded with daylight.
We can talk to each other to our heart’s content.
We can walk the streets, we can explore all the alleyways and squares, take in the architecture and spend time in every park, museum and art gallery we happen across.
We could cycle too sometimes, if you fancy that, from here we can take trains to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, we can travel by train to Rome and explore Pompeii, we can travel by train to Athens and explore Troy.
We can take the dailies and read them aloud to one another in our humble single bed.
We can take some flowers and arrange them nicely in our humble studio flat.

Author: Anna Bidoonism

Poems, prose & literary analysis—this is who I am.