✍🏻 Blinding Light

[ part 2 of 2 ]

I see a white car and I want it to be black;
No colours anymore I want all to be black.

— everything’s loaded whether we know it or not.

Colours, like numbers, have implications.

Speaking for me, my true colours are neutral for nowadays I really don’t prejudge. I can say this for the following reason: I’ve read heartache that’s been penned by those on both sides of the gender divide (as well as those of neither or both); those from most continents and confessions (or none); those that’ve been written recently and those set down several millennia ago. It holds then, that ‘Love’ is colourblind (as are the feelings of heartache, longing, regret and remorse). So, I am as one with anyone (anywhere, anytime) who is suffering from the loss of a lover, I’m here, I do deeply feel for you.

Ms black

  Suffice to say Ms Victoria Black, you’re the:
   lady in red: sophisticated & open;
   you are the unknown citizen at rainbow’s end.
   I’ll seek you to eternity come, you’re the one;
   I’ll take the left fork then I’ll take the write one two;
   I’ll dig and etch, I’ll read and I’ll try to do right.
   Forgive me sisters for I have done wretched wrongs.
   Forgive me mother for I have so badly sinned.

See part one (1 of 2)

Author: Anna Bidoonism

Poems, prose & literary analysis—this is who I am.

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