✍🏻 Sun, Sand &

“Searing saudade”

Six is 6 and 6 means sex
6ting is short for “sexting”
But 6 is also for sin and the
Devil is 666, or so they do say.

He asked, “but for what purpose was the earth formed?” “To drive us mad,” she replied.

Numbers. Numerical patterns are key to all the ridged poetic forms.


  1. Dactylic hexameter
  2. Ghazal
  3. Ottava Rima
  4. Petrarchan sonnet
  5. Rubai
  6. Shakespearean sonnet

But forms such as “Free Verse” ain’t restrained by such straight jackets. And let’s just say poetry that’s raw emotion, that’s gone off timbre, is potentially more profound, meaningful and therapeutic than that that conforms religiously to rigid line and length conventions (ain’t the latter somehow more to do with demonstrating one’s linguistic abilities e.g., versatility with vocabulary?). But you reply (or “dear reader” as you would write it J), if you don’t conform, the ‘poem’ becomes prose. Well—mon amie—you’ve got me there; you’ve got me there.

You can rightly be impressed by a wordsmith and their rhyming and rhetorical skills &c. but what degree of meaning would one really want to sacrifice in the name of syllable count or in deference to a given meter, if a certain combination of nonconformist words far more closely expresses one’s heartfelt sentiments? Would we really wanna forsake the perfect articulation of description just to adhere to archaic convention?

But we humans are compelled it seems to seek numerical patterns and paste these onto everything around us. Numerology it’s called. We’ve created time, we’ve created numbers for every aspect within each field of the sciences, for commerce, communication and everything else too. Numbers are abstract but we ultimately are just numbers (strings of zeros and ones) we are nothing but statistics to 99.999999 per cent of all others who are alive today.

666 was a Biblical reference to the Roman ruler Emperor Nero, or possibly the Roman Empire itself. Many under Rome’s rule didn’t exactly like the way Rome ruled so, the author of the Bible’s chapter, Book of Revelations, 13:16-18, compared Nero to a beast (cryptically by way of numeric innuendo) and this beast, over the following centuries morphed into Satan (a.k.a., Lucifer the Devil 😈). We just love to demonise don’t we, we love to roast, we love to vilify, we love to scapegoat and we just love playing the ‘blame game’ do we not? And, lest we forget, Adam and Eve were created on the sixth day (Genesis 1:31).

  There’s a thing more than sex
  It’s nothing too complex
  It’s at nature’s apex
  It’s a natural reflex
  It’s nothing to perplex
  It’s love: love’s above sex

The “4 S’s” – sun, sea, sand, and sex – is a familiar catch-phrase from the colorful world of tourism studies. See, e.g., The Economist (1997, May). “Sun, sea, sand and ?” Retrieved from, economist.com/1997/

An immoral act that transgresses ‘divine’ law.

The arousal of interest or excitement, (especially, but not exclusively, through sexually suggestive images or words).

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